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Jabberwocky – Finger Poppin’ Time

Label: Incognito Records

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album 


A1 - Valerie

A2 - Feeling Blue

A3 - Honesty Much To Honest For Me

A4 - Finger Poppin’ Time

A5 - This Ain’t The Seventees

A6 - Raisin’ Hell

A7 - Bad Mood

A8 - Vanished From The Screen

A9 - What’s Being A Man...

B1 - Sophisticated Woman

B2 - Peppermint Is Cool

B3 - So Long Girl

B4 - Ain’t Worth A Dime

B5 - Prefab Fun

B6 - She’s My Girl

B7 - Screw On Up

B8 - Bottles On My Track

This is new, unplayed.