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The Dahlmanns / The Stanleys - Split 7"

The Dahlmanns / The Stanleys - Split 7"

65 SEK
The Dahlmanns / The Stanleys
Label: Beluga Records
Format: Vinyl, 7" Record

A1: The Dahlmanns - Conny Converse
AA1: The Stanleys - Amy

This is the third 7" from The Dahlmanns out on Beluga Records, it comes in four wonderful colours, with 4 different sleeves to match.
This band is without no doubt one of the most exciting power-pop bands to come out of Norway today bringing us a string a great records.

The Stanleys, Unabashedly joyful and joyfully unapologetic, Australia's The Stanleys deliver full flavoured, high energy and gloriously fun power pop!
The debut single off the album is the bubblegum punk flavoured single "Amy".

Have a listen and let the music speak its self. enjoy!